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B2C Import to China: BC / CC / e-Express


According to Hong Kong's Trade Development Council, "after years of strong growth, China has become the biggest B2C e-commerce market in the world. According to China Internet Watch, the size of the country’s e-commerce market in 2016 was estimated at US$899 billion – almost half of the world’s e-commerce sales and 18.4% of the total retail sales in China."


One can imagine how huge the China market is now and it will grow dramatically in future. Logistics with smooth customs clearance in China plays an important role.


For B2C import to China, TGS also provides various options to customers. Among these options, e-Express (香港e特快) is the official channel approved by China Government for B2C import to China ex Hong Kong. For more understanding of these options, please contact our CS representatives.

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